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    Recycling Fun Facts

    • Copper, aluminum , lead and other fewer metals don’t loose their chemical or physical properties in the process of recycling them.
    • Aluminum cans can be recycled infinite times and can also be quickly recycled and used by consumers in as little as 60 days.
    • Did you know that the US is the largest exporter of ferrous scrap.
    • About 70 % of air pollution , water pollution, and mining waste is reduced when a steel mill recycles scrap.
    • Did you know that china is the world’s largest iron producing country and makes 33 % of the worlds iron production.
    • Throwing away an aluminum can is like throwing away gasoline, so the next time you’re throwing an aluminum can you’ll also be throwing away gasoline that could’ve been towards your vehicle.
    • Brass is an alloy of zinc and copper. In the process of manufacturing brass, changing the zinc and copper can manipulate the color.
    • When recycling old aluminum, 95% retains its original value while 5% of it goes into making new aluminum.
    • About 8 % of copper is produced from the US for the worlds supply and it’s one of the oldest metal that is around.
    • Brass is used as musical instruments like the trumpet and horn.
    • After 1982, US pennies were made from 97.5 % zinc and 2.5 % copper, before it was 95% copper and 5% zinc .
    • The mistake of learning about lead pencil is that they actually aren’t made out of lead, they are made out of graphite.
    • Steel (ferrous metal) is used in everyday life, for instance heavy equipment , household appliances , steel structures and many more that are the worlds most recycled metal.

    During World War II the government encouraged its citizens to recycle metal in order to make airplanes, weapons, tanks and many more for the militaries purpose. Although the war ended, many people continued scrapping and since then the scrapping industry has grown.